Mothman - Cryptid Nation - 1st edition Reverse Holo

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  • Rarity:Gold
  • Number:3
  • Page Type:Beastie
  • Spellbook Limit:1
  • Aura Type:Dark
  • Total Aura Cost:5
  • LP:100
  • Traits:Fear;Flight
  • 4th Wall Effects:Nighttime +25
    City +25
  • Ability:When Mothman is Contracted, you may have target Caster Bookmark Pages from the top of their Spellbook until they have exactly 7 Pages in their Chapter and you prophesize (name) any non-Aura Page (if the chosen Caster has 7 or more Pages in their Chapter already, they do not discard or Bookmark any Pages). Then, reveal a Page at random from the chosen Caster's Chapter and it is the Page you named, they lose the game. If it is no the Page you named, place Mothman and your entire Chapter in the Afterlife.
  • Attack:Winged Attack (100)
  • Meta-Data:DOB: Nov. 15, 1966 GPS: Point Pleasant, WV Weight: 202kg Height: 3.3m
  • Flavor Text:Indrid Cold's closest ally, and a terrifyingly powerful Beastie that can peer into the future. Is this Beastie truly evil, or has it been Contracted by Indrid Cold against its will?

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